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Achieving the desired success requires patience and persistence your goals need time

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Our Philosophy is based on passion to train the Nigerian youth for proficiency and civic responsibilities and to meet the needs of the Nigerian economy..

Our Mission is to be a center of excellence for teaching and learning for our promising youth.

Our Vision is to train the youth to become responsible and change-enhancing members of the society in various fields of human endeavor

Welcome to Calvary Nursery, Primary and Secondary School. It is a co-educational Day School committed to the social, emotional, spiritual and cognitive development of young people. The institution has the reputation of consistently producing highly literate, resourceful, honest and God-fearing individuals. It is a unique institution within an environment highly condusive for teaching and learning. At Calvary Group of Schools, the Pupils and Students are motivated intellectually, socially and spiritually to become well-rounded individuals and leaders for life. Calvary Nursery and Primary School was established in 1993, while Calvary Secondary School was established in 1996 by late Elder and Mrs. Festus Okwuokenye of blessed memory. The Schools started in a small way but have since expanded to its present position. The Schools have trained countless numerous Pupils and Students who have passed out and become prominent and successful individuals such as Engineers, Medical Doctors, Administrators, Scientists, etc, contributing positively to the development of the Nation.

Dear Calvary group of School,
We are deeply honored and humbled to welcome you back after the COVID-19 lockdown that was instated to protect us all, from the spread of the virus. And to make sure that we curtail the spread of the virus, we at Calvary group of School have made sure that we reopen our school in accordance to the NCDC guidelines. We will also love to use this opportunity to promise you that we will always do our best to provide a safe and healthy environment for your child. At Calvary Group of School, our teachers are famous for being great at encouraging, communicating and instructing students to harness their full potential. And we strongly believe that these uniquely valuable qualities our teachers possess is what distinguishes them from other teachers. As a result we consider ourselves very lucky to have these amazing men and women guiding our students. In addition to our wonderful teachers, Calvary group of School is also endowed with those vital qualities present in most prestigious schools, such as: 1. A great academic curriculum, and, 2. A strong dedication to character development and service to others Calvary group of School is a great school, and we warmly invite you to experience it for yourself and your family. Please contact us today to schedule a visit. Walk the hall ways, sit in on a class, listen to the conversations of our students and teachers, and I believe you will quick identify what makes Calvary group of School distinctive and a great school for your children and your family.

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